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Hi, and welcome to my blog for The Art Of Overeating.  I’ll be posting two times a week, with updates on the book, items I think you might like — or that might make you laugh — and a varied smorgasbord of things related to the concept, practice and appreciation of overeating.  To start, here’s an interview I did recently as part of the pre-publication activities leading up to the November 3 release of The Art Of Overeating.  I think it’s a good way to put the proverbial cherry on top of many of the most-asked questions .
Leslie Landis

A conversation with author Leslie Landis
A Bellyful of Laughs About Our Food Phobic Culture

You are a clinical psychologist. What have you learned about overeating in this capacity?

Through my experience working with overeaters, I’ve learned that shaming doesn’t motivate — people just turn off and tune out. I began experimenting with humor as a tool to deal with food problems.  When I got people to laugh about the issue, it empowered them to make changes.  I find that humor helps people recognize important truths about their behavior and become open-minded about the possibility of change.

Are you an overeater?
I’m not an overeater, but I crave my childhood comfort foods, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and mac ‘n cheese.  I make the world’s best PB&J sandwich.  My secret ingredient? One word: butter. (Because there is no butter in peanut butter!)

Obesity is a big problem in this country. Why did you write an “Anti-Diet” book?

My book is “chock full of not-too-weighty wisdom.”  The diet and healthy eating  industries have made us think of food as either poison or medicine. I think finding the funny bone in our eating habits is a healthier approach, and may even be part of the solution.

Should anyone take the advice in your book seriously?

Only if they want to weigh 900 pounds.

Do you think diet books are good for people?

Of course. There is a lot of good information in most of those books.  But we are hit over the head – or rather, in the stomach — with this never-ending information, in books, on TV, in magazines.  It’s time to have a laugh about it

Do you have any advice for people who want to stop overeating?

Read this book and do the opposite of everything in it.

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