November, 2009: Alan Caruba

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I am and have been for a long time a writer by profession. I have several books to my credit and my weekly column, "Warning Signs", is disseminated on many Internet news and opinion websites. In addition, I am a longtime book reviewer and have a blog offering a monthly report on new fiction and non-fiction.

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I loved The Art of Overeating by Leslie Landis ($9.95, Sterling) and give it a big thumbs up! Written by a practicing clinical psychologist, the author has practical experience helping people who eat, spend, avoid, deny, and defy their way through life. As Americans continue to be hit over the head with endless discussion and even proposed legislation about what and how much we can eat, this book approaches the subject with lots of laughter. Peppered with fascinating food facts, plus the author’s natural wry style of making her case about food phobias, she exposing the uselessness of trying to shame over-eaters. Using humor, though, helps a lot. If you’re tired of the endless stream of diet books and advice, this is probably the book for you!




Bookviews by Alan Caruba