November 27, 2009: Daily Spark

Top Ten Reasons To Overeat

Ideally, every day is about moderation. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, such controlled portioning probably got buried along with the excess oil from turkey frying.

To keep your guilt at bay after the tryptophan high subsides, listen to the choice and funny words from satiric clinical psychologist Leslie Landis’, M.A. latest release: “The Art of Overeating.”

Embedded in the foodie history trivia (Greeks were the first to chew gum), eating-isms (”All Roads Lead to Ravioli”) and overeating justifications (”Have you ever seen an unhappy cow?” & “overeaters get more attention”) lies the reminder that over-indulging every once in a while doesn’t call for self-berating and vows for next day crash dieting.

Instead, it beckons you to laugh at your very clean plate (”The dishwasher works for minimum wage. Don’t make his job any harder than it already is!”). Plus! “Overeaters have their priorities straight. It’s a way to spend as much quality time as possible with the family.”

BUT, once the guests finally leave and the pots are clean, you can easily reduce the post-holiday bloat, according to Landis.

“Buy my book and do the opposite of everything in it.”