November 27, 2009: Daily Spark

In the News: Post Holiday Reading

I don't know about you, but I'm avoiding the crowds and lying low today. After a lovely, much-needed yoga session (both the larger-than-usual meal and the 10K I ran yesterday morning left me sore and ready to move), I'm hanging around the house, reading and spending time with friends and family.


10 Reasons to Overeat

1. Instant gratification saves time
2. Aren't we supposed to end world hunger?
3. Why cut pork when the government won't?
4. Grow the economy and yourself.
5. The U.S.A. can still be No. 1 in something!
6. Excess is a normal American trait.
7. It is good exercise for your jaw.
8. You won't have to fight temptation.
9. Overeaters get a lot of attention.
10. It sure does taste good.

"These hilarious quips come from The Art of Overeating - a hilarious book from psychologist Leslie Landis. The book takes reverse psychology to a new level. Instead of berating us to eat less we get advice like:
Be a good guest and offer to do the dishes. Alone. This way, you can lick each plate clean. If anyone catches you, say you are trying to be eco-conscious and save water.

A good laugh as we enter the season of gluttony..."